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Tesla Puts Forth Destination Charging Stations


TeslaDestination charging differs from supercharging in several ways. Tesla developed the charging stations to be beneficial for establishments, because the people who are able to use them are customers that are patronizing that establishment.

You will find destination charging stations at places such as hotels. This is good because the charging takes longer than the charging of the supercharge station does.

You can find superchargers across the country all along major corridors. The destination chargers can be found at businesses in areas with a higher population density, customers are required to stay and spend money at the establishment. In August of 2014, there were only 106 charging stations globally. In January 2015, there were roughly 350 locations worldwide, and in March of 2015 the number had climbed over 900, with a total of 1,645 wall connectors.

The cost of creating the stations works out great for both Tesla and the business. Tesla charges the business $750 per wall unit, and the business is able to let only customers utilize the charge capability. Because the customer is having to wait for a longer periods while the charge takes place, they will spend more money at the establishment. More than 83% of the charging that takes place with Tesla occurs on destination chargers.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla said, at a press conference, “I should have mentioned an ongoing program that we have where any hotel or restaurant that has model S customers as clientele can actually request a Wall Connector charger from Tesla, and it will be provided at no cost, provided they put their charging location in a, sort of, prominent and convenient location at their hotel or restaurant.”

The work that Tesla puts forth seems excessive, however it is fuel for the upcoming model 3 EV that is scheduled to roll out in March of 2016. With this more affordable model hitting the streets, many more customers will be ready to set up stakes and start charging. This model, which resembles the Model S, will be ready to purchase in 2017. With a smaller frame and a much smaller price tag, around $35,000 before incentives, it’s a win win for everyone.

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