Tesla Home Battery to Drive Millions Off the Grid Soon

teslahomebatteryThe Tesla home battery will be a solar energy storage device intended for households everywhere.

It turns out that they need not look very far, as Elon Musk also chairs the US top solar power company, SolarCity.

For now, the best option for solar power system owners is to stay grid connected and make savings through offsets on feed in tariffs.

But with solar cell prices diving, and utilities not exactly encouraging customers to go solar, the business case for going off grid with solar becomes more convincing.  The biggest stumbling block, however, is the cost of an energy storage system.  Well, that is soon going to change, if Elon Musk would have anything to do with it.

In a conference call with analysts last week, Elon Musk said, “we are going to unveil the Tesla home battery, the consumer storage device that would be for use in people’s houses or businesses fairly soon.”  He added that it’ll go into production, most possibly within the year.

But then, while charity begins at home, the company is seeing much interest among utilities.  Chief Technology Officer JB Straubel added, “a lot of utilities are working in this space and we are talking to almost all of them. This is a business that is gaining an increasing amount of our attention.”

If that is any indication as to how disruptive the Tesla home battery is going to be, I don’t know what is.  Stay tuned to further developments.


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  • tftillman

    The idiot traitor utilities are in denial. SRP in AZ just approved a $50/month B.S. charge on solar customers, effectively bringing solar to a halt. You would pay more with solar than without. This will drive more customers off grid connected net metering and onto Batteries + grid at the same time. You would be just like a regular grid customer if you don’t connect your system to the grid. All net metering really does is give you virtual storage anyway. Utility rates thus increase for grid only. Then more people get batteries, and just use the grid for backup. Thus begins a death spiral for the grid, and coal. Centralized power is on a death march. Get over it.

  • Jerry Masters

    Well, there are already several GOP Run states that have passed laws that allow the Electric Company to Bill you for having Solar Power on your roof.
    Apparently, they believe that they are “Owed” money just because you Could have bought your electricity from them.

    You are Corporate Property by that logic.

    • Please Google Ballard Hydrogen and South Africa. There are better ways.

      • Jerry Masters

        Better than allowing the Electric Company to Bill you for your Sunshine?

        Of course there are.

  • dj160

    If Apple wants to
    put a dent in the universe right now they should partner with BYD Company. They
    make solar panels ,battery storage, affordable EV’s with long range,
    electric buses, solar street lamps,LED’s etc. The complete Green Company. They
    have built the model home/community in Lancaster,CA. This is what every
    community should be striving for. With a company like Apple it could transform
    our country now. The sooner the better. BYD is everything Musk is trying to do only
    under ONE company.(except the Mars thing)

  • zlop

    Off grid preppers do not trust One World Order intentions and could become terrorists.

    • Sam Rai

      rejecting gastrointestinally emotive rationing, off grid bloggers reject cohesive thoughts with convolution and could become irrelevant

    • Jerry Masters

      Or, maybe Off Grid “Preppers” just prefer NOT to receive a bill from the Electric company for the Sunshine that falls on their house & yard.

      • zlop

        “maybe Off Grid “Preppers” just prefer NOT to receive a bill”

        Those, rejecting benevolent globalist control, will be regulated to comply,
        with Agenda 21, at their expense, one way or another.

        “Sunshine that falls on their house & yard”
        Private property is subversive, except for those who control the Serfs.
        “Agenda 21 For Dummies – YouTube”

        • tftillman

          What have you been smoking, zloppy?

          • zlop

            To save the pole bears, Agenda 21 police will sneak up on you.

  • Chimel

    Instead of planning for the future (with solar energy that is already cheap today) and advocating renewables, some utilities are indeed pushing their customers to go off-grid by raising utility fees for solar panel home owners. It takes the vision of an Elon Musk to design integrated systems that are easy to use. It makes sense already to have at least some storage capacity, now it gets easier to go fully off the grid. Even if this is expensive at first, you can bet you’ll be saving money in the long term. That’ll teach’em!