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Apple Takes a Very Big Bite of Solar Energy


apple-solar-powerHe may have as well taken a page out of Steve Jobs book.  We’re referring to Tim Cook’s response to a climate change disbeliever, nay, heckler when he said that if an Apple shareholder’s only concern was profit, then he might as well “get out of the stock.”

Now the CEO of the world’s largest tech company is putting his, as well as that of his stockholders’ money, where his mouth is.  He recently announced a US$ 850 million agreement to purchase solar power from First Solar.  That’s enough power to energize Apple’s headquarters, offices, a data center, as well as all of its Apple stores in California.  This makes the company the largest direct purchaser of solar power, and triples the company’s exposure in solar power.  This is on top of the company’s earlier solar power deals.

Auspiciously, other technology companies are investing in renewable energy.  Google, Microsoft and Amazon have made big contracts to purchase wind energy to power their facilities.  Even Walmart, which is known for its conservative leanings, is investing in solar power and installing panel after panel over its big boxy stores.

This just means that it’s not only sexy to care for the environment, it actually makes great business sense.  Cook says of the deal, “we expect to have very significant savings,” which is why within minutes after the announcement of the deal, Apple’s stock surged to US$711 billion, making it the very first American company to have a valuation of more than US$700 billion.

So, if the US’ biggest tech companies are investing in renewable energy, we can be pretty sure that our future is becoming much greener.

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  1. The people of the planet have spoken as it’s been 34 years of debate and still not enough climate action so what could science have said to have convinced deniers to “believe” our children were actually doomed?


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