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Tesla Model 3 Attacked by BMW in Acid Advertising


model-3-330eBMW’s new aid campaign is nothing short of misleading.

In attempt to put down Tesla’s Model 3 in exchange for highlighting BMW’s plug-in hybrid vehicle, BMW’s only counter protest in its new ad was to argue against the Model 3’s wait time.

In just 30 seconds, the BMW 330e ad blows smoke over offering a better deal. The “better” deal means getting their vehicle faster.

BMW refers to Tesla as “that other electric car company.” What a strange way to phrase BMW’s identity, since it isn’t really an “electric car company.”

The other strange thing is about the commercial is that it almost exclusively focuses on not waiting around for the Model 3. In doing so, more time was spent covering the Model 3 then the 330e’s gas consumption of 72 MPGe.

As an informed citizen, I think I would personally wait for Tesla’s Model 3 that has a starting price of $35,000 compared to 330e’s starting price of $44,000.

Not to mention, Model 3 is expected to have a range of over 215 miles. Compare that to 330e’s range or 14 miles, and you start to wonder how BMW thought they were advertising successfully at all.

As with many ads, it is also misleading, in that BMW implies a serious delay in Model 3’s release, without any possible way of knowing whether a delay would actually occur. It is almost as if BMW is banking on the stereotype of consumers—that individuals want to spend money as soon as possible and have no concept of patience.

Model 3’s actual expected release state is 2017, and although a delay could occur, it does not mean it necessarily would.

An explanation for the ad could be that BMW is jealous of Tesla’s 400,000 individuals who are interested in buying Model 3.

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  1. Geez, what a bunch of whining .

    Marketing isn’t perfectly objective. If it were, then clearly Musk shouldn’t be calling two buggy driver assistance features “autopilot”, now should he?

    At this point we can’t even be sure Tesla will be solvent long enough to properly service Model 3’s for, say a decade. Much less when they’ll be built. Much less when they’ll be built in high quantity. Much less when Tesla will give them good reliability, unlike the model S and X, which are deemed “much worse than average” reliability by the highly respected Consumer Reports.

    Given that Tesla is all about marketing and not so much about providing reliability on time, it is certainly reasonable that Mercedes points out the “vaporware” nature of the Model 3 in its own marketing.

    Your epic level of bias is showing. There is going to be a LOT of serious competition in EV’s, and PHEV’s in coming years. Tesla had better get used to that. Otherwise makers like GM, BMW, and Mercedes, and likely many others, are going to eat their lunch.


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