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Elon Musk Tweets Tesla Model 3 Will Come With Ludicrous Mode


The Tesla Model 3 – that highly anticipated electric car that will break all price, performance and quality barriers, is supposed to also be fast – that is what Elon Musk has confirmed on his Twitter account on Friday.

Cleantechnica‘s Steve Hanley caught the conversation:


Now, that may leave a lot of people cold, but:

Dear reader,

Have you tried flooring a P90D (or even the older P85D) from standstill? Or even at 50mph – it literally lifts its nose off the road a bit, and if it weren’t for Traction Control, I think the car would sorta spin around or burn some rubber. Accelerating at 50mph to pass some truck can be compared to the feeling you have when you’re in a plane trying to lift off a very short runway – it’s really, really heart-crushing.

Now, putting “Ludicrous” in the Model 3 could mean a slightly different thing – the car is smaller, thus lighter and the battery capacity (kWh) will probably be reduced for space and range reasons. I can’t really bet they’ll be able to reproduce that exaggerrated, tear-bringing acceleration, but it’s quite possible – what Elon Says, Tesla does.


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