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Tesla Model S, The Best You Can Get

Tesla Model S, Consumer Reports' Top Overall Pick
Tesla Model S, Consumer Reports’ Top Overall Pick

The Tesla Model S, simply continues to please in, among other things, performance, safety, quality, company support, pretty much every way that matters.

So say pretty much everyone who owns a Tesla Model S, and the aggregate numbers prove it. Combining anecdotal evidence with their own testing, Consumer Reports has given the car a much-coveted accolade. In the end of October, Consumer Reports had already included the Tesla Model S among its “recommended” picks for electrified vehicles. Now, after all the numbers are tallied, Consumer Reports calls Tesla Model S its top overall pick.

How does Consumer Reports come to this conclusion? First, some 1.1 million Consumer Reports subscribers answer the survey, covering such vehicle topics as vehicle quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. As a former Master Technician, I can tell you, customer satisfaction really skews the numbers. You can make the perfect vehicle or, in my case, make the perfect repair, but if the customer isn’t happy, the vehicle isn’t perfect. Interestingly, after all the numbers were crunched, Tesla Model S came out on top, among a crowd of competing vehicles from every segment and every long-established automaker.

Tesla Model S scored 99:100, the best score Consumer Reports has ever given a vehicle, beating out long-established automakers, such as the BMW 135i (97:100), Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE (93:100), and the Audi A8 L (91:100). Other models simply weren’t that hot, such as the Jeep Wrangler Limited (20:100), the worst in the survey, the Smart ForTwo (28:100), and the Scion iQ (29:100).

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