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Another Dismal Sales Year, Honda Insight to be Axed

End of the Line for Honda Insight
End of the Line for Honda Insight

In the Unites States, at least, the Honda Insight just hasn’t been that popular, in spite of the fact it actually had a head-start ahead of its main rival, Toyota Prius.

Toyota Prius started production in 1997, in Japan, but wasn’t introduced in the United States until a couple of years later. Honda Insight was introduced seven months ahead of Toyota Prius in the United States, but hasn’t garnered nearly the same amount of attention.

For example, from the Honda Insight’s introduction until the end of 2011, just over 800,000 Honda hybrid electric vehicles had been sold worldwide. By comparison, in the same period of time, Toyota Prius (not including other Toyota hybrid electric vehicles) had sold over 2.5 million vehicles. By 2013, that number had doubled to over five million.

Honda, taking a look at the numbers, has signaled the end of the line for the little Honda Insight, as well as a couple other models, including the Honda Fit EV and Honda CR-Z. In the United States, just over 4,000 Honda Insight were sold, in spite of it’s good fuel economy, and that it’s one of the cheapest vehicles you can run. Unfortunately, some of today’s conventional vehicles are more fuel-efficient than the hybrid Honda Insight, and Insight just hasn’t kept up the pace.

While the Honda Insight is being discontinued, this doesn’t mean that Honda is giving up on vehicle electrification. We expect to see even more great things from Honda hybrid vehicles, such as improving the technology in the award-winning Honda Accord hybrid and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, and expanding to hybridize other vehicles in the Honda lineup.

Photo credit: dave_7 Foter CC BY-SA

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