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Project ARA: Google’s New DIY Mobile Phone Could Cut Down E-Waste


device-35f9e24b74e5a90dfc0270aa63d96d6dEarlier this week, Google finally gave details on their latest invention during an event held in San Francisco. Under the project called “Project Ara“, the tech giant is developing a mobile phone, which has the potential to solve once and for all the problem with dumping used mobile devices in landfills. The gadget will be made entirely of removable and replaceable pieces that attach to each other with magnets.

It is scary how many used mobile phones get dumped in landfills every day. Numerous reports issued by various governmental and non-governmental organizations urge us to recycle electronic devices, but it seems as soon as the new model of our “old” phone hits the market, many of us completely forget what they were supposed to do, and simply go ahead with what has always been done- dump the old, enjoy the new.

Google’s new concept, however, is set to change this. Comprised entirely of parts that can be replaced at home at any given moment, the guys offer an ever-lasting long-living always-up-to-date technology. The mobile phones will not lack any extras. They include all usual components, but what makes them even cooler is the fact that we, the users, can decide what exactly we want our phone to have. Google will present us with the opportunity to pick between different size batteries, different screens, different cameras etc. etc.. And now, listen to this, the most basic device, which has a screen, WiFi and a processor, could be assembled for just over $50.

Ever since Project Ara was first spoken about, many were eager to have a sneak peek of what is actually on offer. Now, it seems we all waited long enough, and the first prototype was finally showcased. Google is currently calling for volunteers, or Ara Scouts, who will be testing the usability of technology in the coming year. The company is hoping that the new gadget can hit the global market one year from now.  They also plan to open up a marketplace, where developers can offer their own components.

Image (c) Project Ara

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