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Tesla Motors to Start Model S Deliveries on June 22

Tesla Model S employees celebrating the first commercial body

Tesla Motors has announced today that they’ll start deliveries of their first electric sedan, the Model S, exactly a month from now. Well, but the first customers will be those who paid more, as the first deliveries will be of a Model S Signature, with prices ranging from $87,900 to $97,900.

The premium electric sedan built by Tesla is not going to be an ordinary car. Even if you purchase the lowest option possible ($49,900) you’ll get a 40 kWh battery and an autonomy of 160 miles while travelling at 55 mph and an acceleration to 60 mph worthy of a Porsche: only 6.5 seconds.

The model with an 85 kWh battery will have performance figures that remind of the earlier Roadster: 0-60 in 4.4s and 300 miles of autonomy.

My opinion: the 40kWh battery could have taken you for more miles, as Nissan’s Leaf has a rated autonomy of 100 miles on a 22 kWh power pack. I guess the extra security and interior space comes at a cost (of weight).

Other features of the Model S are the huge touchscreen console (some say it’s prone to theft, only because it’s that big), a detachable panoramic roof that will open itself just by swiping your hand on the touchscreen, a key (that’s more of a remote control) that communicates with the car and tells it to customize all kinds of parameters (like chair, steering, mirrors) for each driver, before he enters the car.

All in all, the Tesla Model S is a nice toy, but it’s still designed for those who can afford the luxury of having a second car that they’ll use for in-town driving only or for the sake of reducing their own carbon footprint. The poorer ones will have to wait a bit more. Maybe the Electretta will be able to satisfy the middle class.

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