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Tesla Model S Gets Consumer Reports’ “Recommended” Status

Consumer Reports Scores the Tesla Model S 99:100
Consumer Reports Scores the Tesla Model S 99:100

Tesla Model S is certainly a one of a kind vehicle, an electric vehicle built by a startup company that has seen rousing success, not only in California, but as far away as China.

Being popular is fine, after all, Tesla Model S is unique when it comes to practically any vehicle on the road, but is it any good? Its pure electric powertrain gives it performance-vehicle handling, while providing a ride more akin to that of a luxury-vehicle. Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, as may be how good a vehicle is, but Consumer Reports, one of the most trusted independent sources of product information, testing, and reviews, attempts to lay out just how good this vehicle is…

This video is full of superlatives: “This car performs better than anything we have tested before… not just the best electric car, but the best car” and “ties as the most quiet car we have ever tested here at our track.” Of course, Consumer Reports did more than simply test drive the Tesla Model S, but also conducted extensive customer polling to find out what owners think of their Tesla Model S, as well. The Tesla Model S scored an astonishing 99:100 in the combined owner and tester reviews. No other vehicle or product has ever gotten a 99% rating.

Tesla Model S Gets the "Recommended" Red Donut
Tesla Model S Gets the “Recommended” Red Donut

After all is said and done, Consumer Reports has given the Tesla Model S the much coveted “Recommended” seal of approval. Consumer Reports can’t just come out and say “Buy this car, now,” but with such great ratings and reviews, you’d be a fool to mistake the humble-sounding “Recommended” status of the Tesla Model S for anything less. Take a look at the Consumer Reports site under Cars > Hybrids/EVs, and Tesla Model S is right there, on the front page.


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