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First Coast-to-Coast, Free Road Trip in a Tesla Model S Ended Successfully


Model S ChargingA pioneering father/daughter team just finished a New York-to-Los Angeles trip  in a Tesla Model S on January 25, and logged close to 3,600 miles in the process. The team beat the record Elon Musk hoped to set on his long-planned Model S family road trip this spring.

According to Tesla, there are 71 free North American Superchargers and its network is reachable by about 80% of the continent’s population. The 85-kWh version of the Model S can go 265 miles on a single charge, making reaching those stations possible. WIRED magazine reported that says John and Jill, the father/daughter team, used 28 Superchargers over the course of a week.

Telsa enthusiasts were elated and posted on forums dramatically that John and Jill were pioneers similar to Lewis and Clark.

Telsa may benefit from this unplanned press, which will only further the company that ended 2013 in good standing despite some bad press in the Fall. In October, November, and December, Tesla sold 6,900 Model S cars and beat the company’s own target.

This makes Tesla’s Model S America’s bestselling plug-in vehicle for the fourth quarter in a row.

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