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Tesla Model S Russia Style Test Drive



I’ve seen a lot of Tesla Model S test drives, but I’ve never seen this Russian guy who, although he really loves this car, takes it through mud, reveals all the kinds of faults the car has and then puts it on a pedestal in the end.

Davidich is a one russian Tesla Model S test driver who does test of all sorts of cars – in a Russian manner. Well I’ll tell you a few important conclusions this guy wants to send to Tesla and especially Elon Musk (Elon, if you’re reading this, the video is worth watching).

  1. battery all-over. The guy tests the P85+ in possibly sub-zero conditions (NYT scandal, remember?), drives it at 125mph and then “surprisingly” empties the battery after less than 100 miles. Well, while that may be true, any car gets the fuel tank empty if you drive it like that. The only difference is that you can fuel up in Russia, while you can’t do the same if you drive the Tesla, in Russia. At least not right now.
  2. interior finishing. Davidich has something against the plastics that make up the dash, the armrest, the chairs, the steering wheel – and even the alignment of the hood with the chassis. Personal taste is not debatable here, but there may be some truth in his findings.
    On the other hand, starting with the P85D, Tesla upgraded the seats and the general build quality of the car, not to mention the over-the-air bugfixes that you won’t get in any other car on the planet. Period.
  3. In the end, even after the car let him down a bit on range, the Russian test driver says he loves the car – and that he’d buy it for its spirit. He even compares it to a wife, saying that even she’s not perfect (nobody is), you love her for who she is and what she stands for. That’s nice from this big russian car guy

I’ll stop here. Watch the video below and have fun.


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