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Tesla Model S Used as Electric Taxi in Downtown Las Vegas

Tesla Model S - Soon to be Part of a 100-EV Fleet under Zappos.com's Project 100 Clean Transportation Sharing Program
Tesla Model S – Soon to be Part of a 100-EV Fleet under Zappos.com’s Project 100 Clean Transportation Sharing Program

If you don’t own a car, getting around downtown Las Vegas doesn’t require flagging down a taxi, unless you count flagging down a Tesla Model S taxi with a smartphone app.

Online clothing and accessories giant, Zappos.com, is headquartered in the south end of Las Vegas. In order to foster growth of the city, the Downtown Project is going to do a number of things to engage and build the community.

A small part of that $35 million effort will be transportation sharing, otherwise known as Project 100. For around the price of a car payment and full insurance coverage, about $400/mo, members of Project 100 access whatever transportation they need via smartphone app.

The Project 100 transportation-sharing scheme is also all green and includes bus transportation, a fleet of 100 neighborhood electric vehicles, 100 bikeshare bicycles, and 100 Tesla Model S taxis. The Project 100 smartphone app can be used to access the buses, unlock the bicycles, and drive the smaller electric vehicles.

The 100 Tesla Model S can be called to your location with a tap on the app, but this is only a taxi service, you don’t get to drive it. Still $400/mo, or other tiers of service possibly, is higher-priced than other transportation-sharing programs, but then, those other programs don’t include access to a Tesla Model S.

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