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Tesla Motors Opens Netherlands Assembly Plant


Tesla_Netherlands_1-537x357Tesla Motors is taking over the European market by opening a plant in the city of Tilburg, The Netherlands. The facility will host the final assembly of the Tesla Model S and its distribution to European customers.

The assembly plant opened its doors last week, with wealthy buyers from the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany being able to receive their brand new electric plug-ins.

Officials at Tesla seem to be determined to boost the sales across the old continent. The facility in the Netherlands marks the start of an intensive marketing campaign, with an aim to open 15 new stores across Europe by the end of the year.

The impressive number of 15,000 Tesla vehicles already delivered to customers around the globe, and the 70% increase in net income over the past quarter of the year, have only encouraged the giant to expand further.

The new Model S has already been awarded with the title of the safest car in history, although it does not come at the price that most people can afford. Elton Musk, the CEO of Tesla, however, is certain that in the coming few years, the company will be able to satisfy the needs of regular customers by manufacturing an affordable long-range compelling electric vehicle.

Editor’s note: In a conversation I had with Elon Musk earlier this year, he said prices could go down for the EU because of the cars being built locally. That will avoid shipping and customs duties, and will make the cars about 10% cheaper.

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