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Nissan Hybrid Vehicles to Enter Mass-Production by 2016


nissan-murano-hybrid-2013There’s a limited number of Nissan hybrid vehicles rolling today, mostly due to the fact that Nissan has held off developing their own hybrid vehicle technology.

At the moment, the only Nissan hybrid vehicle is a limited-production of the Nissan Altima Hybrid, but the hybrid powertrain in that vehicle was developed by Toyota, pretty much the undisputed king of hybrid vehicle technology. Of course, Toyota has had a long history of hybrid vehicle technological development, starting back in 1997 with the release of the Toyota Prius. Only Honda has a hybrid vehicle history just as long, and other automakers have held off developing their own hybrid vehicle technology for various reasons.

Research and development money could be a concern, but an even more compelling reason to hold off on hybrid vehicles could be to keep from estranging your loyal customers. Subaru’s recent foray into hybrid vehicle technology, in the form of the Subaru XV Crosstrek Hybrid, is Subaru’s way of saying “we just wanted to get it right for our customers.” Even Land Rover and Ferrari are getting in on hybrid and electric vehicle technology, developing and adapting the technology for their own special uses.

Nissan hybrid vehicles have been slow in coming, but we do have word that at least fifteen Nissan hybrid vehicles will be on the market by 2016, covering most of the Nissan lineup. This year, the Nissan Pathfinder Hybrid will be available, powered by a 2.5ℓ supercharged i4 engine and a 22hp electric motor, connected to a lithium-ion battery pack. Developed in-house, a new Nissan Altima Hybrid is coming, as well as a 2014 Nissan Rogue Hybrid. Nissan Murano Hybrid is under development, possibly for 2015.

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  1. knowlegde LoneWolffe Welcome back! It’s good to have feedback such as yours. Being based in the US [actually an expat living in Perú] most of what pay attention to is in the US. We try to give a somewhat more global view, as we have writers from all over.
    In any case, it is very good to see that Nissan is going mainstream with its hybrid lineup.

  2. LoneWolffe knowlegde  sorry for late reply, Yes sir, the altima hybrid was nissan first hybrid vehicle in the USA, the tino hybrid was available in the continent of Asia, and could have in Europe base on purchase order, but sell mostly  in japan, so it was not mass produce as honda and toyota did.. If you notice, the system that the tino hybrid use in 2000, is very similar to nissan one motor, two clutch. The only difference is that the tino hybrid had two motors.

  3. correction sir, Tino was nissan first hybrid and was for sale in 2000,  the altima hybrid was not the first but  was nissan first mass produce hybrid,One last correction nissan have always been improving their hybrid sytem from 2000, that how the 3D motor came in (nissan original system had two motors), that is now use in the infiniti. 


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