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Tesla Motors Outweighs Fiat in NASDAQ Value

Tesla Motors Value Keeps Going up In Spite of Small Size
Tesla Motors Value Keeps Going up In Spite of Small Size

The rest of the automobile market may be saying that Tesla Motors is punching far beyond its weight, but what do you do with someone who’s breaking all the rules?

Tesla Motors is a young company, just ten years old in a market sporting makers from as far back as the 1890s. It’s also a small company, having sold less than 10,000 vehicles in its 10 years of existence. What does it mean when someone values this young and small upstart, with undeniable success and big plans for the future I might add, at something like $8.8 billion dollars?

“Big deal, there are bigger companies out there,” you might rightly respond. And you’d be right, sort of. Fiat’s delivered more than one million vehicles in the first quarter of 2013, but their net worth is just $7.8 billion! Don’t forget, Tesla Motors only delivered 4,750 units in the first quarter!

With stock prices climbing higher, there are some investors considering short-selling Tesla Motors stock, but the last time they did they they regretted it! Tesla Model S Outselling Other Luxury Vehicles

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