Tesla P85D Insane Mode Makes People Use Explicit Language (NSFW)

tesla-p85d-insane-mode-reactionsIn the past few days, we’ve been publishing like two or three Tesla articles per day, which is insane, by some metrics. But heck, I can’t stop wondering how people are being amazed by the insane acceleration of this car!

Here’s a video of some regular people, unaware of what’s going to happen, normal people that resort to a funny language when experiencing the high G’s of a Tesla P85D.

Actually, these videos got me so curious I’m going to test drive a P85D next week and post yet another Tesla Model S review, but now from my own perspective.

Disclosure: Tesla hasn’t paid me a dime for this and I don’t expect anything from them. I’m only doing this out of pure admiration for electric cars, great design and engineering.

Here’s the video:


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