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Tesla P85D Insane Mode Makes People Use Explicit Language (NSFW)


tesla-p85d-insane-mode-reactionsIn the past few days, we’ve been publishing like two or three Tesla articles per day, which is insane, by some metrics. But heck, I can’t stop wondering how people are being amazed by the insane acceleration of this car!

Here’s a video of some regular people, unaware of what’s going to happen, normal people that resort to a funny language when experiencing the high G’s of a Tesla P85D.

Actually, these videos got me so curious I’m going to test drive a P85D next week and post yet another Tesla Model S review, but now from my own perspective.

Disclosure: Tesla hasn’t paid me a dime for this and I don’t expect anything from them. I’m only doing this out of pure admiration for electric cars, great design and engineering.

Here’s the video:


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  1. First Off, the thing that makes America great is it’s poorly informed ‘consumer base’, and thereby providing vast, vast opportunities to market ANYTHING. Nobody in America (and soon the World) conceptually ‘understands’ how ANYTHING really works.

    If an electric powered forklift, can be engineered to lift many times it’s own weight in a warehouse, why couldn’t it be possible to re-engineer that concept to carry a much lighter ‘payload’, and at great speeds (and certainly businesses already making money hand-over-fist) . THE ANSWER WAS ‘CHEAP’ OIL (at the time) prevented that logic, at least in mind of the consumer. After all we had a leg-up on foreign oil for years – to the point where we upset the ‘real’ owners of that oil. With so many people making so much money, we were sold on a false reality and developed a false comfort zone, all based on an ‘inexhaustible’ oil supply, gasoline at 15.9 cents p/gal, and cars that barely got 12mpg (and NOBODY cared).

    That being said, the word is ‘torque’. Take an old (1970 ish) automobile starter motor and put it on a bench/table, apply current (usually 12v DC) and it will literally ‘jump’ off the table because of it’s initial torque. That torque is needed to ‘start’ a much larger and more powerful ‘engine’. But can that 12v DC ‘motor’ actually propel the car? In those days no (it would quickly burn-up), but in today’s world of ‘re-engineered’ electric ‘motors’ – Tesla says, YES it can. So ‘torque’ is no stranger to electric motors. . . . . . “Necessity Is The Mother of (re-engineering) Invention”.

    Think of what Nikola Tesla could have done with post-1947 advances in Electrical Engineering Technologies. Remember this technology is old, it just took a ‘set’, to forge into it head-on.


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