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Tesla remotely upgrades cars for Hurricane Florence evacuation


Tesla has remotely enabled supercharging and boosting battery capacity in some older model cars to help owners evacuate Hurricane Florence. Last year, Tesla remotely bumped up the locked-capacity battery cars with Hurricane Irma, giving them an extra 30-40 miles of range in evacuation conditions. Similarly, the current remote upgrades will enable owners to safely evacuate areas affected by Hurricane Florence.

The models in question are some Model S 60s and some Model S 70s that haven’t had supercharging option enabled at purchase time or have software-locked battery capacity. Owners located in the path of Hurricane Florence will see a message on the car’s screen informing them of the temporary capability available through “sometime in October”.

Tesla drivers in the region affected by Hurricane Florence should visit the website of Triangle Tesla, which is a Tesla owners’ organization. The website includes tips on how to evacuate safely, and whether any North/South Carolina area Superchargers are congested or offline.

At the time of publication, there are not currently any reported supercharger issues in North/South Carolina.

Triangle Tesla reminds owners that the best way to extend range on the road is by slowing down. Also, owners should remember to bring their mobile charge connector with them when leaving to a safer area. For up-to-date information for Tesla owners affected by Hurricane Florence, please visit: http://triangletesla.org/florence

If you run into any issues, or need assistance with your Tesla, you may call Tesla Roadside Assistance for owners at 877-798-3752.

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