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Spain Gets Tesla Treatment: Two Stores to Open in 2017



European car manufacturers now have a reason to worry: new Tesla stores are about to come up in Barcelona and Madrid, Spain, in the second half of next year. This will coincide with the official launch of the Model 3 in the US.

An e-mail sent by Tesla to Cleantechnica said that customers who order a Model S or Model X online will be receiving them as “early as end of Q1 2017.”

Tesla supercharger in Girona, Spain

The new Spanish stores will also help with the delivery of the Model 3, once production and delivery will start in Europe in 2018.

All of this will be followed by an expansion of the Supercharger network in Spain and Southern Europe.

Tesla also plans to open stores in India, South Korea and other countries, along with the needed quick charging infrastructure.

[via cleantechnica]

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