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The Bullet – Electric Unicycle Built By an Inventive MIT Student (Video)


People all over the world are taking their own initiative in what the protection of the environment is concerned and try to come up with their own “green” ideas. Take Stephan Boyer for example, an inventive MIT student who has built “The Bullet”: an electric unicycle, semi self-balanced and reaching up to 15 miles per hour.

What do I mean by “semi self-balanced”? The demonstration shows you can easily manage it by putting your own two feet on each side, pretty much the same way you used to guide your sleigh when you were a kid.

Still, a little getting used to is needed, just like in the “look, no hands” trick. Also, carrying it with you up the stairs or taking it along in a bus is not a problem. Another white ball to The Bullet is that this self-balancing electric unicycle can be built up fairly cheaply, which means you don’t have to be an executive to have one of those in your home.

Still, like any new invention, it has a few shortcomings. Probably the most important one is that you cannot ride it for more than 5 miles on a single charge. Even so, we think it’s ideal for city people and those who live close to their interest locations – students living in a campus, for example.

Even though it’s not meant for mass production, “The Bullet” stands as a symbol of self-reliance and inventivity.

[via Physorg]

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