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SIM-LEI: Relatively Cheap Japanese Electric Car Goes Over 300 KM Per Charge


A weird-looking electric car called SIM-LEI has been unveiled by a Japanese company, SIM Drive Corporation, which is actually a spin-off from the Keio University in Tokyo. The company has been founded in August 2009.

The SIM-LEI has had multiple versions in the past, but the latest can brag with over 300 kilometers per charge, under “general urban traffic conditions in Japan.” It features in-wheel motors and the distance can be covered by going steadily at 100 km/h (60 mph).

Tesla has already reached this distance with their Roadster, which has become kind of a standard in the EV industry, but the guys from SIM Drive Corporation want to achieve the ultimate dream of building a cheap yet dependable electric car. The 65 kW electric motor they equipped the SIM-LEI with is just enough to propel the fish tail-shaped (drag coefficient of only 0.19) vehicle at highway speeds.

The video below illustrates what the new SIM-LEI brings. The company wants to start mass producing these cars in about two years.

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