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The Isotopic Electricity Generator


There is a French patent application number FR2680613 dated 19th August 1991 entitled “Activateur pour Mutation Isotopique” which provides some very interesting information. The system described is a self-contained solid-state energy converter which abstracts large amounts of energy from an ordinary iron bar.
The inventors describes the technique as an “isotopic mutation effect” as it converts ordinary iron (isotope 56) to isotope 54 iron, releasing large amounts of electrical energy in the process. This excess energy can, they say, be used to drive inverters, motors or generators.

The description of the mechanism which is being used by the device is: “the present invention uses a physical phenomenon to which we draw attention and which we will call ‘Isotopic Change’. The physical principle applies to isotope 56 iron which contains 26 protons, 26 electrons and 30 neutrons, giving a total mass of 56.52 Mev, although its actual mass is 55.80 Mev. The difference between the total mass and the actual mass is therefore 0.72 Mev this which corresponds to an energy of cohesion per nucleon of 0.012857 Mev.

So, If one introduces an additional 105 ev of energy to the iron core isotope 56, that core isotope will have a cohesion energy level of 0.012962 Mev per nucleon corresponding to iron isotope 54. The instability created by this contribution of energy will transfer the isotope 56 iron to isotope 54 causing a release of 2 neutrons. This process generates an excess energy of 20,000 ev since the iron isotope 54 is only 0.70 Mev while isotope 56 has 0.72 Mev. To bring about this iron isotope 56 conversion, we use the principle of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance.”

The practical method for doing this is by using three coils of wire and a magnetic-path-closing support frame of iron
as shown in this diagram(click to enlarge):


In this arrangement,

Coil 1: Produces 0.5 Tesla when fed with DC, converting the iron bar into an electromagnet
Coil 2: Produces 10 milli-Tesla when fed with a 21 MHz AC sinewave signal
Coil 3: Is the output coil, providing 110, 220 or 380 volts AC at about 400 Hz depending on the number of turns in
the coil

This simple and cheap system has the potential for producing substantial energy output for a very long time. The
inventors claim that this device can be wired to be self-powered, while still powering external devices. Coil 1 turns
the iron rod into an electromagnet with it’s flux channelled in a loop by the iron yoke. Coil 2 then oscillates that
magnetic field in resonance with the isotope 56 iron atoms in the rod, and this produces the isotope conversion and
release of excess energy. Coil 3 is wound to produce a convenient output voltage.

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  1. I can’t keep up with all the alternate methods of obtaining energy naturally. A simple concept is now beginning to sound awfully complex for the simple man.

  2. If this was a French patent from the early ’90s, is there a patent in the US in existence yet? Seems like too cool an idea to not have somebody working on it domestically.

      • check this in net-I think you can find a site-where theri is a particular description of this system. I sow myself this site-do not remember. It is Chekhian site-this generator was invented in Chekhoslovakia Institute of Physycs in late 70 s. if I find this site, I will forward to you-there is a full description of technology how to assamble this generator


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