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The Entire Town Of Tocco, Italy, Powered by Green Energy


Tocco is a remarkable Italian town, not only for its ancient heritage, but also for its futuristic projects that concern the implementation of renewable energy installations. The town benefits four wind turbines that are more than enough to meet the needs of its 2,700 inhabitants.

The small ancient town had a profit of $200,000 last year from wind turbines alone which permitted the city council to eliminate local taxes and fees such as for garbage pickup.

Moreover, the town’s residents have taken the initiative of installing a solar panel to light the cemetery’s office, inspired by the spread of green technology. Some of the inhabitants have also turned to rooftop solar panels to produce clean energy.

However, despite the promising future of Tocco, Italy is by no means a model country in what concerns renewable energy. Only 7% of the energy generated in Italy is renewable, but the trend is rising through the use of solar power.

[Source: Inhabitat]

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