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Top 10 Best Do-It-Yourself Green Projects


FF45JMNGS3BCC2J.MEDIUMWe all love Instructables, the site that can never let us get bored for even a second, with the numerous ‘Do-It-Yourself’ ideas often going beyond our imagination.

This is why, as soon as I came across the winners of the Green Living and Technology Challenge, organized by the user ‘Danger is my middle name’, I had to tell you about it.  The top 10 green projects that can make even the biggest non-green lovers think twice, are truly fascinating and should all be paid the needed respect by at least being checked out (if not made in our back yard). There is no particular order, they are all winners.

FCDNJGCGRCQ83UO.MEDIUM1. Solar kiln. Originally designed by staff and students at Verginia Tech (VT), and then perfected by Instructables’ user dorybob, this great invention is a big wooden box, or a shed, with a roof that acts as a greenhouse to generate hot air, and an internal solar collector. The box is perfect for storing and drying wet wood, which in no time can be made ready to go in the stove and help us cope with the winter chills. (Image (c) drybob)


FEA6Y8KGQYGKK1L.MEDIUM2. Solar Powered Reverse Trike. This super cool and very green mode of transport was designed by the user farrukh khan, and you can make it yourself in ten easy steps in less than 20 days. Powered entirely by solar energy, the three-wheeler has a reverse trike configuration is compact, light and can get you anywhere thanks to the 40 watt photovoltaic canopy that charges the onboard solar battery. (Image (c) farukh khan)

FR5BEG6GQTM739V.MEDIUM3. Simple Solar Charging Station. The tutorial is kindly provided by The Instructable’s user caperren. His invention is a solar charging station that can keep your devices full of juice without any implications on your electricity bills. The station can be easily built and repaired with readily available materials for just over $100.  (Image (c) caperren)





FF45JMNGS3BCC2J.MEDIUM4. Rocket Grill. The user bennelson shows us how to green-up our summer barbeque, using bio-fuels instead of charcoal. The technology achieves maximum combustion, without any smoke, it requires almost no maintenance as it never rusts or burns, it is small, light in weight and very easily transported. It is a perfect project for all those welding maniacs. (Image (c) bennelson)


FEDW9QWGQ4EOGG6.MEDIUM5. Fusion Jr. Home Energy Reactor. If you ever wondered how to build a fusion reactor at home, the user TheHomebrewGuru has the instructions for you. Following just a few simple steps, you will actually be able to convert your combustible garbage into electricity in a very green and ultra clean way.  (Image (c) TheHomebrewGuru)



F3RAEABGRFNDE25.MEDIUM6. The Best Triple Compost Bin. Provided by the user cut’n’paste, this compost bin is extremely easy to use and can convert large amounts of organic waste into precious garden fertilizer, using only recyclable materials that do not compost themselves. Because it consists of three parts, it also allows three stages of composting, giving time and space for different materials to break down. The final result is quite remarkable, and the tutorial is praised by a huge number of users. (Image (c) cut’n’paste)

FYWJ080GRYOPLPH.MEDIUM7. First Try Aquaponics System. This tutorial is provided by Jaycub. It is essentially a miniature farm, where you can grow your own food, and it is not only good for plants, it allows you to grow your fish too. It requires very little maintenance, few materials and minimal effort. (Image (c) Jaycub)



FTEE794GP7IITAM.MEDIUM8. Building a Solar Panel From Cells. User fozzy13, shows how to make your own solar panel  that really works out of cells that you can buy online. If you decide to follow this great tutorial, you will need some additional bits and pieces that you can get from any DIY store. Just make sure you handle the tools with caution. (Image (c) fozzy13)



FITYKEQGRBTNRWH.MEDIUM9. SAWDUSTOVEN. This incredible oven, designed by the user Mr. Sanchez, is the best cooking equipment for a camping trip. It uses Sawdust, it is safe, cheap and easy to make. It is a great example how to turn a few materials into a green cooker, that will not only help us have delicious food on a nice campsite, but also make sure we don’t set the forest around us on fire.  (Image (c) Mr.Sanchez)




FT149A1GR6ZJMCJ.MEDIUM10. Wind Turbine Made From Scrap Metal. And last but not least, the final tutorial that made it into the Top 10 is provided by the user Pushthatbolder, and guides us through the process of making a wind turbine out of all these unneeded metal bits lying around in the garden shed. What makes this project particularly cool is that every wind turbine will look unique, simply because the materials that should be used are 100% Recycled and they will defer slightly depending on what you have. If you follow the tutorial closely, you can be ensured that your new turbine will not only generate electricity but it will also come at a very low cost. (Image (c) Pushthatbolder)

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