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Top 5 Best Electric Vehicles for Sale


Detroit Electric's New Electric Sportscar Set for Production in 2014They  used to be a luxury toy of the incredibly wealthy, but electric vehicles are now more affordable and efficient than ever.

Charging stations are going up everywhere, making electric vehicles more feasible for long-distance travelers. Now that there are so many options, find the right one for you from list of the 5 best electric vehicles for sale.

1. Best for Long-Distance Travel

There are now more Tesla charging stations than ever, and that number will only continue to grow. Even without them, the Model S smashes the competition in terms of range, getting about 250 miles of travel per charge, while the average model can only travel 80 miles.

2. Most Affordable

The compact Chevy Spark EV hit the market in 2013, and was the first electric vehicle to use DC Fast Charging. The price dropped $1,650 in 2015 to $25,995, but with tax incentives it can cost as little as $14,995.

3. Most Popular

The Nissan Leaf has already been on the market for five years, and has the distinction of being the electric car bought most by consumers. A new model, coming soon, is expected to have increased range per charge.

4. Best Innovation

BMW’s i3 is lightweight because it is made from carbon fibers. i3s are also made from sustainably-sourced materials and can be equipped with a range extender that ups the range from 80 miles to 150 miles on a single charge.

5. Best for City Driving and Commuting

The Fiat 500e is small and compact, making it perfect for getting around crowded cities and finding parking quickly when you’re late for work.

All these models other than the Tesla Model S and the BMW i3 are under $35,000. A future free of vehicle emissions and truck exhaust fumes is just around the corner as these companies continue to innovate and make clean energy more affordable.


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