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Toyota Hybrid Vehicles Top 5 Million in Global Sales

Toyota Prius c is One of Toyota's Best-Selling Hybrid Vehicles
Toyota Prius c is One of Toyota’s Best-Selling Hybrid Vehicles

Few items have universal appeal, and when you mention hybrid to some people, they’ll automatically think of Toyota Prius. Toyota hybrid vehicles can be so much more, the range including everything from the compact Toyota Prius c to the luxury Lexus LS600h.

Toyota hybrid vehicle technology, nineteen models in all, has been gaining popularity around the world and has just hit five million in global sales. In fact, 14% of all Toyota global sales were hybrid vehicles. Electric vehicles and other alternative fuel vehicles still need development and infrastructure, which isn’t a good balance of cost and benefit. Toyota Vice-President Takeshi Uchiyamada said, “in eco-conscious countries, I believe that hybrid cars will become the majority” and that Toyota plans to add an additional eighteen hybrid vehicles to the lineup by 2015.

For 2012, the Toyota Prius c [Toyota Aqua in Japan] was the 2nd-best-selling vehicle in Japan and the 4th-best-selling hybrid vehicle in the US. For many, the appeal of this compact hybrid vehicle is clear. It is small, light, arguably fun-to-drive, and actually delivers on its fuel-economy promises. While some hybrid vehicles, like the Ford C-Max and Fusion Hybrid, and are reviled for failing to deliver on their 47mpg EPA sticker promise, the Toyota Prius c delivers better than 50mpg, even in the city.

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