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Toyota Prius Converted to Run on Ethanol


The ideal green vehicle is the one that feeds from renewable resources. Toyota’s Prius has been considered the flag for green vehicles, it has SULEV (super ultra low emission vehicle) certification and it charmed treehuggers worldwide.

Recently inspired by public demand and by the conversions made by third party companies to make it a plug-in hybrid, Toyota seriously intends to equip their cars with various fueling systems, so you can charge the batteries at night.

Now, a new company offers another eco-upgrade – E85 conversions. A Dutch firm named GreenFuelSystems has created an E85 bio-ethanol conversion kit that is available for 549 Euros. While the English-language version of the company’s site is lacking in substantive information, they are currently being hailed as the first group to bring an E85 conversion kit to the market.

So we could have a really green car out of Prius: running on batteries, having a solar powered air conditioning, being able to switch between the clean ethanol and the dirtier gasoline, at need, I think these features are enough for a hybrid car as it is.

The next step would be to get rid of biofuels and all other kinds of burning fuels, and to pass on to pure electricity, the most versatile energy ever discovered. There may be other forms of undiscovered energy, but from what we know by now, electricity is the most simple to use.


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