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Toyota and Subaru to Sell Electric Cars


The electric vehicles market will start to vary from next year. While Subaru promises a four seated electric vehicle, Toyota confirmed for the first time the plans that put to sale an electric vehicle before 2010. Both companies bet on zero emissions, while their main rivals, Nissan and Mitsubishi, go ahead with what many consider to be the future of vehicles, informs Autoweek.

“The electric vehicles autonomy will be limited by the performance of available batteries. Currently the electric vehicles will be used mainly for small distances. In 2010 we want to offer a small compact electric vehicle, at a reduced scale,” said Masatami Takimoto, head of department for research and development Toyota.

Subaru based its electric model for the next year on the Stella model, a mini-vehicle marketed in Japan which will have four seats and will work with Lithium-Ion batteries. The Stella concept is an electric vehicle with the possibility to be charged from the grid, those eight hours of charging giving an autonomy of 80 km.

“For the city, that is sufficient. So we can offer that with the present technology at a reasonable price,” said spokesperson Fuji Heavy Industries, Shinichi Murata. While during the first year, Fuji Heavy Industries wants to produce 200 units Subaru Stella for the Japan market, the company has no intention to sell it overseas.

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  1. The marvelous thing about electric vehicles is that they are just starting out now and will only get better. Also every major and not-so-major company is interested in getting an electric vehicle out before long so the R&D done into EVs and battery technology will benefit the whole industry.


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