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VW Golf BlueMotion TDI – 74MPG – Better Than Prius?


The most known German car maker Volkswagen, and the most popular car in Europe, VW Golf, hits again these days as Volkswagen unveils their latest BlueMotion car. They already have unveiled other BlueMotion machines, but this time it is Golf’s time to be in the spotlight.

What’s most noticeable about this is its consumption: 74 miles per gallon and a record low emission of only 99g/km of CO2. You know what? This means that it passes the Prius, which has 104g/km emissions and about 50 to 60mpg! Wow! That’s incredible… a diesel car beating a cutting edge hybrid. And let’s not mention it’s even sporty than Prius. But I don’t think the Toyota guys are sleeping, either…

The BlueMotion Golf has a 1.6 L turbo diesel engine, 105 horsepower and 184 lbs-ft of torque at 2000rpm, typically for a diesel engine. Its small consumption is partly due to the low resistance tires and the improved aerodynamic structure. Also, the gearbox helps a lot in fuel saving.

There are rumors that VW will release its car during 2009. I can hardly wait for them to do that, as I already have a 105hp car (a Fiat Bravo) that does 49mpg (that’s 4.7L/100km, compared to the Golf’s 3.2L/100km). I also guess that it would do better than that if they implemented the start-stop mechanism for city traffic in the Golf.

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  1. Volkswagen knows how to create cars for the people. Really their cars are among the most beautiful and cheapest vehicles. Volkswagen Golf is amazing car, which has low fuel consumption and very comfortable for traveling.


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