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Trefecta E-Bike – The Revolutionary Transportation Gadget


p02fn153Trefecta e-bike will completely change, or to use the makers’ words, create a new way of thinking about the comfortable items that are almost never seen as a luxurious mode of transport.

Electric bicycles are often seen as the humble relative of scooters, which is just a bit better than a regular bike but not as powerful as the small motorized two-wheelers.  A team of Dutch, Swiss and German aerospace engineers, however, decided to change this, and create the ultimate game-changing e-bike.

Developed by Trefecta Mobility, this revolutionary e-bike is marketed as a product of advanced engineering and intelligent design. Apparently, it should not even be referred to as an e-bike, because it is a whole new multi-purpose vehicle of a new category.

So, let’s have a look at the specifications of Trefecta e-bike and see what makes it different from all the other e-bikes. Its body is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, it has carbon-fiber wheels and downhill-racing bike tires.

The front suspension is 7in and it is controlled via a smartphone app, while the rear has a floating drivetrain, which connects the motor and the wheel. The pedal-electric system is called “Pedelec” and it can mesh human and electric power. The motor can apparently take the bike to a speed of 43 mph, but there are also 14 human-powered speeds.

A bit more about the app. It is linked via wi-fi, and it is currently available only for i-Phone. It allows full control over the suspension, it can adjust the power-to-efficiency ratio, and allows the rider to set things like maximum climb angle.

It can transmit various types of data including statistics on speed, distance, gear, range and mode. If adjustments are necessary during riding, these could be made via the so-called fly-by-wire handlebar controls.

The Trefecta e-bike is also foldable, and can make a cube of the modest 4ft square x 2ft wide. The makers also promise that it will come with a casing for easy and safe transport, however this is still under development.

Now I think it is the right time for me to tell you the price, because I did not want us to start on the wrong foot. As of early February, the team will sell Trefecta e-bikes for $28,000. Yes, true, there will be some customers, but will it really bring the revolution that the makers promise? We have to wait and see.

Image (c) Trefecta Mobility

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