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Trikelet: World’s Most Compact Foldable Electric Scooter to Hit Market Soon


6f0313a0-f0e0-11e3-a237-056979f44ac8_trikelet-folding-electric-scooter_100469115_mOK, everyone wants to have a cool all-electric four-wheeler, preferably a Tesla, which can take them wherever they want in a comfortable, clean, quiet and super sexy manner.

Yes, all this is really nice, but if you had to pick between that dreamy and slightly expensive drive, and a much cheaper and much smaller, yet equally clean three-wheeler, what would yo do? This is what we suggest- the Trikelet scooter, a less fancy but equally green mode of transport, which meets all needs of us, the average people, who can only dream of Tesla’s for now.

Trikelet is not one of the pretentious vehicles, there is no doubt about it, however there is nothing that could make it less functional. Actually, for all the busy commuters, who end up being stick in heavy traffic jams on the way to work, and then spend sometimes up to an hour searching for a parking space, it might well turn out that the modest scooter is exactly the thing they need.

The scooter folds up into a 12kg (27 pounds) box-shape with a handle, which makes it fit in the compartment for storing luggage on any train, or in the back trunk of a regular family car. It reaches the modest speed of 20 km/h (12 mph) and it is likely to hit the market at a maximum price of €1,500 ($2,025). If the developers manage to find interested distribution partners, and sufficient funding to begin mass-production, the Trikelet might well be available for purchase within a year.

There is a general trend among the vehicle developers to come up with the smallest, yet most efficient electric vehicle, and two- and three- wheelers seem to be on top of all charts. It is expected that very soon the number of small electric mobility vehicles will be way higher than this of electric cars. Will you be one of those people, who contribute to the statistics?

Image (c) Trikelet

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