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U.S. Government’s Climate Data Initiative Aids Climate Change Preparedness


sandyThe climate change debate is one that has been going on for years, and regardless of all the evidence, it seems there will always be two groups of people, the believers and the deniers. Scientists gather data all the time in their attempt to emphasize on the importance of immediate action, but it is often the case that the government holds these data and makes it difficult to access by other research teams and the public. A new initiative by the U.S. Government, called Climate Data Initiative, now has the aim to make all datasets more available by uploading them onto a website.

The official introduction of the data initiative happened earlier this week, although it was already presented by Obama last year. Data will be made available via www.data.gov/climate/, and besides raw measurements and estimates, managed by NOAA and NASA, interested parties will be able to access various geographic and infrastructure maps, kindly provided by U.S. Geological Survey and the Department of Homeland Security. NOAA and NASA will also provide assistance in the interpretation of the available images, with paying special attention to coastal zone hazards.

Tech giants, such as Google, Microsoft, Intel and Esri, among others, have already agreed to take part in the initiative by developing various types of mapping software and tools, which should make visualization and preparedness for climate-related hazards much easier.

The ultimate aim is to make all data available, so that scientists, planners, farmers and other members of the private sector can have full access and be able to raise awareness and prepare better in case of likely future disasters.

Image (c) NASA

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