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C-X75: British-Made Supercar Produced by Jaguar and Williams F1


Tired of hybrid models being produced in China and elsewhere in the world, the UK are proud to announce the manufacturing of a commercial model of the hybrid C-X75 supercar made by Jaguar in association with racing group Williams, starting with 2013.

The announcement was made on Friday by Adrian Hallmark, global brand director of Jaguar Cars during a press conference in London. The first model of the C-X75 had first been introduced to the public last September at the Paris Car Show.

The reason why i’s called a “supercar” is because it takes advantage of both internal combustion and electric motors, proving motorsport technology can very well apply to commercial purposes. It will be so exclusive that only 250 lucky buyers will get their hands on such a model, while its production should stop after only 2 years.

The car’s features speak for themselves: for “just” £700,000, the owner’s mind will be at peace that it won’t emit more than 99 g/km of carbon dioxide. The petrol engine and the two electric motors will give it a maximum speed of more than 200 mph, of which 60 are reachable in less than 3 seconds. Tha’s quite a performance! Not to mention the fact that 100 highly skilled British workers will be able to find a job.

That makes both head officials of the 2 companies very confident in offering the best combination of groundbreaking technology and expertise, helping to set a tradition of engineering in the UK: “This project is proof that engineering is alive and kicking in this country, this is a showcase of what can be done in this country if we can combine our strengths,” said Carl-Peter Forster from Jaguar.

[via Physorg]

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