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UKH2Mobility – UK's New Hydrogen Car Project With Ambitious Green Goals


Everywhere you look or either way you take it, hydrogen is becoming more and more popular. From gadgets to cars, it’s clear that hydrogen is the best replacement for fossil fuels. The UK is looking to become a key player in this global trend, with the government and 13 other companies working to see hydrogen fuel cell cars riding on their streets by 2015.

This initiative was dubbed UKH2Mobility and it wants to see the emissions levels as low as possible. Since the only way to do that is by offering a viable alternative, they are looking into these hydrogen cars as the best shot they have at making a difference.

And it really is the best alternative: hydrogen-powered cars have a fuel cell inside, which makes hydrogen pass through a catalyst (usually platinum-based) to produce electricity, with water as the only output.

This electricity gets to the electric motor which makes the car run without any side effects or byproducts. By their design, they are somewhat better than electric vehicles running on batteries, because they are not confined to the number of batteries they have to carry and neither do they use metals (lithium) that require scraping mountain tops in third world countries.

Besides being a wonder for the environment, this initiative will be one for the people as well: since it’s expected to turn hydrogen-powered vehicles into a large segment of the UK car market, that means more jobs, more trading, more money and happiness for everyone. Since we don’t see any inconvenience to these hydrogen fuel cell cars, I’d say “keep on rollin”!

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