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UNICEF Tap: Do Not Touch Your Phone For 5 Minutes, Save a Life


UNICEF-Tap-Project.jpg.662x0_q70_crop-scaleUNICEF Tap project together with Giorgio Armani and S’well challenges you not to touch your phone for five minutes. In return, they will fund one full day supply of drinking water for a child.

So, how long can you go without touching your smartphone? A week? A day? An hour? What if I told you that you can save a child’s life by not touching your phone, how long would you go for? Actually, all you need is 5 minutes without touching your gadget. Interested? This is the whole story.

About ten years ago, UNICEF started their Tap Project. Under this project, they have the task to tackle water scarcity and access to clean drinking water. About two years ago, they decided to get the fashion guru Giorgio Armani and S’well on board, in order to raise a bit more awareness, and of course funds. Back then, they challenged regular smartphone users to leave their gadgets behind for only 10 minutes. In return, for each phone that has not been touched, Armani and S’well would provide funds that equal one whole day of water supplies for a child in an affected by drought or pollution country.

This year, Armani and UNICEF want to make an even bigger difference- the funding will be provided in return to only 5 minutes of no-smartphone-usage. Considering that currently around the world more than 660 million people do not drink clean water, and 1000 children under the age of 5 die every day due to lack of proper sanitation, the 5 minutes without a phone is really a tiny insignificant price to pay.


Full instructions on how exactly you can take on the challenge can be found on the UNICEF Tap Project website. It takes about two-three clicks and 5 minutes without a news update from your gadget. The campaigners expect that only this month Armani would donate $75,000 and S’well – $100,000, thanks to all enthusiastic users. Since 2010 when this collaboration between UNICEF, Armani and S’well began, the total funds raised towards the global water and sanitation initiatives by UNICEF equals 2.9 million.

I really would like to think that the shorter duration is simply because UNICEF and co. want to raise more money, and not because 10 minutes without a phone is way too long for an average spoiled westerner with a fancy gadget. I am hopeful. Let’s all test it, shall we? After all, it only takes 5 minutes to help a child live another day.

Image (c) UNICEF

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