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Americans Care More About Gasoline Prices Than Its Effect on Climate, Study Reveals


Polls are often the only way to see the health, normality or sickness of a population’s mindset when it comes to topics like religion, beliefs, political views or even global warming. But sometimes polls just bring out the naked truth, even if it sometimes is hard to swallow.

A recent poll performed by the University of Texas at Austin regarding the Americans’ concerns about energy and how it may affect the environment and the climate, the #1 issue concerning the participating public was that the cost of gasoline would rise. At under $4 a gallon, the people of the United States should first of all know that Europe has it doubled, and that’s only the beginning.

The #2 concern is the cost of electricity and the last of their problems is how the energy production affects global warming (the production and consumption on carbon).

That being said, I’m not surprised anymore that magazines like Fortune or EarthOn take on the oil’s side of things and try to prove that alternative energy is a game meant to be lost. People just don’t care, and that’s the main disappointment behind the curtain for actors like you (who probably care), me, and more involved parties like Greenpeace or all of those who put their money into solar panels, windmills or even biofuels.

How are these to succeed if the average Joe still doesn’t believe in them, now, on the edge of warming irreversibility? If we don’t care now and don’t act right now, the summers will be longer and hotter and the winters will be harsher. A hundred years from now life on Earth won’t be what it used to. And that’s just because people don’t care now… and they surely won’t care then.

Or if they will, then it will have been too late.

[via scientificamerican]

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  1. Great fortunes need not be lost. Massive layoffs need not occur. Make wise decisions to effect the greatest benefit to all with minimal detriment. That’s the Radioshack ethos: Once an ecstatic customer, always a happy one.


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