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US Military Very Concerned About Global Warming


101st Soldiers use ÔClarksville flood experienceÕ to save Afghan livesAccording to 16 retired admirals and generals, America is under attack… from climate change.

The Center for Naval Analyses Military Advisory Board sounded the first alarm back in 2007, flagging the myriad threats posed by global warming. A new report by the group that was released on Tuesday validated what the group discovered seven years ago AND verified that yes, the original risks are advancing at an alarming pace.

According to the top brass, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa are already experiencing first-hand how extreme weather like flooding and prolonged drought are resulting in growing deserts, food and water shortages, and migration on a massive scale.

In the report, the US military recommended the following:

  1. Lead the world as it tries to adapt to climate change.
  2. Factor climate-change impacts into all military planning and operations.
  3. Prepare for military operations in the melting Arctic, where new oil fields, fisheries, and shipping routes are emerging.
  4. Plan for increased stresses around water, food, and energy supplies.
  5. Incorporate projected climate impacts into the Department of Homeland Security’s plans for assessing risk and protecting infrastructure.
  6. Make military bases, facilities, and other infrastructure more resilient to expected climate impacts.

If the US military, not exactly known for left-wing conspiracy theories and flights of fancy, believes climate change is a big enough issue to cause safety and security issues across the globe, perhaps it’s time we all start considering the possibility that climate change is really happening.

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