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Volvo’s Electric Car Not Ready for Primetime


volvo-s60-plug-in-hybrid-01After having designed and manufactured a new electric car, Volvo isn’t quite ready to release it yet, even as the clean energy automobile market continues to heat up.

This may be a mistake given that early entrance into this market could lead to a fortified position. Volvo may want to hurry up and get its car road-ready if it wants to establish its brand in this market. It seems that the big names are in no hurry to compete yet, so perhaps it’s a wise choice to simply bide their time.

Officially, the company claims that its electric car waiting for the right set of tax incentives to do so. But if it’s going to wait on Washington the company probably shouldn’t hold its breath. State governments in particular have been hostile to the electric car market, outright banning sales of Tesla Motors in Michigan and New Jersey. Given this former reception it’s not clear why the same tactic wouldn’t be tried against another company.

Volvo is rather conservative when it comes to making changes, so it’s hesitancy in waiting to release this car might be part of that conservatism. It simply might be figuring out last-minute mechanical issues. It’s great to see that Volvo is getting on the bandwagon of energy efficient vehicles. Hopefully this means they’ll be releasing an electric car sooner than later as it would be great to see the class and style of their cars expanded to this market.

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