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Water Desalination Plants Powered by Renewable Energy


inout03-1Due to the freshwater crisis from places like Dubai and Australia, inventors around the world have started looking for ways to convert seawater and make it potable. Most of these desalination plants require a huge amount of energy, being powered from non-renewable sources.

To combat the crisis, a new $780 million desalination facility is being constructed in Western Australia, that will be able to produce about 20% of freshwater requirements . The officials said that the new plant will entirely be powered by renewable energy, which will be purchased from utilities generating energy from wind, solar and geothermal sources.

The Water Corporation intends to purchase all the energy requirements and associated Renewable Energy Certificates for the Southern Seawater Desalination Plant from renewable energy generators,” Jacobs said. “Most will come from generators using proven renewable energy technologies. The corporation is also hoping to have a portion of the energy requirements purchased from renewable energy generators using technologies not yet commercially proven at this stage.

[Source: Treehugger]

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