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Wheego LiFe Electric Car Out On The Market


It appears that the Nissan Leaf has a new contender that threatens to steal its clients away: the Wheego LiFe has recently been unveiled and sold at its dealership in Atlanta.

It is true that the two models bear some similarities: to begin with, they both use lithium-ion batteries (LiFe takes its name from the abbreviations of lithium and iron). Secondly, they both have a range of about 100 miles, but it seems the Leaf may well take over LiFe in what the top speed in concerned: it reaches over 90 mph, while the Wheego only 65.

More specs about the Wheego include 60-horsepower electric motor and battery pack of 30 KW/hour.

Its design resembles the Smart Electric Drive and i’s a small-sized vehicle: 2 seats, a front-wheel-drive format, a stereo head unit with a CD slot and USB port.

Its price seems to exceed the one of a Leaf ($32, 995), but that didn’t stop the couple who bought it first to drive it all the way to Georgia (although crash tests here say it’s not as safe as a Leaf – at least last year’s version).

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