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Why Buy a Prius?


I am in no way part of Toyota marketing or any of its affiliates. I just want a Prius. Me, the creator of this blog. Why I want it? Why am I for the moment dreaming about it, not having the money to get one? Because I was always caught by hi-tech stuff, and always thought hi-tech could make our lives so much easier. That is for one part. The other part is that nowadays we are supposed to be full of hi-tech, and we are seeing what benefits and disadvantages it brings to our lives.

The Prius is an amazing idea, anyway, whatever others might say, whatever TV shows by shooting it with a machine gun will be made in the future. It is an amazing car because if you combine it with other methods of generating electricity you will get a really zero emission vehicle!

Weekly, I drive about 200-250km inside town, mainly going from home to work. Most of this distance is made by not going higher than 60km/h, because it wouldn’t be necessary. A Prius would save me a lot of money at these speeds!

Having the reliability of a Toyota, it would be more safe to buy one (of course, also having the money) than buying a BMW or VW or other petrol or diesel car. I thought about this many times… buy an A-class Mercedes… a Golf diesel… a Passat… whatever the technology would be in them… neahh… it still doesn’t compare to a hybrid.

I may be a snob, a tech maniac, or simply spending my money on fantasies, when I could have cheaper cars at the same consumption. Yes, I may be all those, but I like the idea of evolving since the 19-20th century.

And I’d also like helping me raise my kids in the very near future.

That’s why I’d buy a Prius. And so many other reasons…

What would be yours…?

[Review May 9, 2011] Nice seeing the thoughts I had three years ago… I still like the Prius, but with all of the available palette of cars that exist nowadays, there are better options… Then, in 2008, the Prius was the only thing… and I’m still diggin’ it.

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