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Newly-Invented Electrolyte Can Increase Battery Performance by 25 to 60 Percent


Batteries are going to get as wild as possible, with Wildcat Discovery Technologies’ new electrolyte material that is able to bear up to five volts, a first in the history of energy storage. This discovery is due to Wilcat’s combinational chemistry tools that can synthesize and test over 1,300 unique materials every week.

Greentechmedia‘s Eric Wesoff spoke with their CEO, Mark Gresser and CTO, Steven Kaye, and found out about EM1, the company’s 5-volt electrolyte. They said it will feature 25 percent more gravimetric energy density and 61 percent more volumetric energy density than today’s best battery electrolytes.

Using a method that would have taken years otherwise in manual mode, the Wildcat researchers studied more than 3,000 materials in eight months and now say they can improve the overall battery performance by 25 to 65 percent. They also claim an energy density of 675 Wh/kg for the 5-volt cells.

Every industry existing nowadays relies on batteries, from cell phones and cars to utility-sized storage to gather wind and solar power. Let’s only hope Wildcat will license their technology as soon as possible so we’ll be able to benefit from it quicker.


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