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Toyota Denies Battery Issues on Their Next Prius


A Toyota official said recently the Li-Ion battery of the next generation Prius is not a problem in the company’s process of developing the new vehicle. Although Sony had experienced troubles with over-heated Li-Ion batteries, Toyota says it’s not the case in the Prius battery. The silence around this subject is because they want to investigate in more depth the kind of technology involved in the next generation hybrid.

Toyota’s hybrid vehicles, which deliver better mileage by switching between a gas engine and electric motor, have been a huge hit. The automaker has sold more than a million hybrid vehicles around the world in the past decade _ more than any other automaker.

Currently, the hybrid cars Toyota makes use of NiMH batteries. Various sources say Li-Ion technology has evolved so much that the next Priuses will beat the edge of 60mpg reached currently in some conditions by Prius 2.

Also, the design of the new Prius will be totally changed to be more aerodynamic, so the battery will surely outperform any of the current generation.

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