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Will There be a 141MPG 2014 Renault Plug-In Hybrid?

Renault Imagines a 141mpg Plug-In Hybrid
Renault Imagines a 141mpg Plug-In Hybrid

It won’t be a pure electric vehicle, but a rumored Renault plug-in hybrid electric vehicle could set automakers on edge in 2014.

Renault / Nissan is already a global leader in electric vehicle technology which, if combined properly with an internal combustion engine and transmission setup, should make for some impressive plug-in hybrid vehicles. Interestingly, we have not seen too many Nissan or Renault hybrid vehicles, only pure conventional and pure electric.

A rumored plug-in hybrid concept for 2014 might change it all. For the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, Renault could be showing a plug-in hybrid concept about the same size as the Clio, but with a fuel-economy rating of about 140mpg (miles per gallon). The Renault Clio is a four-door hatchback with already-impressive fuel economy, between 51mpg and 88mpg, depending on model, and the addition of a hybrid powertrain could only add to that.

There are a few plug-in hybrid vehicles pushing 100mpg, including 108mpg Ford C-Max Energi and the 115mpg Honda Accord PHEV. Some plug-in hybrids are pushing 200mpg, such as the 214mpg Volkswagen Twin-Up! and the 261mpg Volkswagen XL1. At 141mpg, the Renault plug-in concept seems doable, and Renault head of research, advanced studies and materials Remi Bastien also says an eventual production version of the car would be affordable. It will be a B-segment car with Clio-type features in terms of space and comfort,” which is good news for buyers.


Image © Renault

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