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Wirelessly-Powered Electric Race Cars Envisioned by Two U.S. Companies


Electric race cars may one day dominate the racing industry, with two companies leading the way to build completely electric racetracks and cars. Drayson Racing Technologies and HaloIPT are designing fully-fledged electric cars that run without batteries, on wireless racetracks.

The electricity is to be transmitted wirelessly, that is. Transmitters buried in the track would provide the power for the cars to race, since the technology has gotten better in recent years.

The distance from the emitter to the receiver has increased without the cost of efficiency, and the pilot doesn’t have to think that much to be on the right track, since the system allows for a greater misalignment than before.

It is now proven fact that racetracks have provided inspiration for a plethora of technologies now available in mainstream cars, and that will surely be the case with electrics. Of course, the cars will feature some kind of a battery or energy storage device, but only for small distances, with the rest provided by the wireless grid.

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has already testified that, after their calculations, electrified roadways are the shortest and cheapest path to a fully-electrified automobile future. Well, some may argue with that, but the overall idea is not so bad, after all – even if you think intuitively, without calculating much.

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