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BMW Looks to Power Carolina Factory With Landfill-Originated Hydrogen


Since 2003, BMW’s South Carolina manufacturing plant has been using landfill-originated methane to power more than half of its equipment – that’s old news. The good news is BMW is seeking a way to transform that methane to hydrogen gas, for a cleaner production process.

The German manufacturer announced this Monday that they’ll be working with the Gas Technology Institute and the South Carolina Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Alliance to fulfill their plans. What sounds strange financially is that the effort is funded from government pockets, by the South Carolina Research Authority.

BMW has reduced its carbon dioxide emissions by 92,000 tons per year since two years ago, when they spent about $12 million to make the program more efficient.

The initiative looks good at a first sight, and if it could be applied to other U.S.-based car manufacturers, then the money would be spent rightfully. I guess BMW is also seeking a carbon capturing solution, since if they either burn methane or transform it into hydrogen, some carbon will either way get emitted.

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