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World's Most Efficient Solar Cell Converts 43% Incident Sunlight into Electricity


worlds-most-efficient-solar-cells_k2Lm8_69Researchers at the University of South Wales in Sydney, Australia, have created the world’s most efficient solar cell. Professor Martin Green and his team of U.S. researchers have succeeded in developing solar cells that convert 43 percent of sunlight into electricity. I must say that the previous record was 42.7 percent.

To capture light, the new cell, which actually is a multi-cell combination to allow it to harness the red to infrared spectrum, uses expensive materials like gallium, indium, arsenic and phosphorous. While the semiconductors used are expensive, the scientists did raise the efficiency bar.

Last year, in October, the same researchers have broke a different solar record with a silicon solar cell. Maybe, in the future, if they continue to combine their efficient cells with technology from the folks at Emcore and the National Renewable Energy Lab , they’ll make ones that can convert maybe up to 50 percent.

[Source: Discovery]

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  1. Have these solar cells been coated with a nano coating that is supposed to increase the amount of absorption of sunlight?

    I like geothermal, wind, solar and water energy sources. Hah! I just noticed these are the four elements – Earth, wind, fire and water.

    Solar is one of my favorite technologies, but I don’t like the harmful chemicals that are used in many of the current available solar panels. Pardon the pun, but I see a bright future ahead of us with current and upcoming discoveries in solar technology.

  2. Simply great. This high efficinecy solar to electricity should be brought to commercial production as soon as possible.


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