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WWF Report: We Consume 52% More Than Our Planet Can Produce and Regenerate


A report made by WWF and launched today from the International Space Station (ISS) by André
 Kuipers, one of the onboard astronauts, says that humanity is outstretching its planet’s resources 52% faster than the planet can withstand.

The current trend of consumption driven by the economical and technological advancements will drive the need for two planets by 2030, WWF’s Director General Jim Leape said.

The Earth’s capacity of supplying the resources needed to sustain the lives of over 7 billion people (and counting) is in a critical state. Let alone the rest of the ecosystem on which we’re all putting our grounds. Data says that we’re consuming 50 percent more than the Earth can be able to regenerate.

Intensive fishing has brought our oceans in a crisis of their own ecosystems and the state of global biological diversity has decreased by 28 percent since only 42 years ago.

Of course, this state of the facts is being aggravated by pollution, increasing deserts and global warming, and we just need to stop consuming at this pace, stop cutting trees and let the Earth rest, or it’ll shake itself to eradicate our species, maybe as an act of self-preservation.

The WWF report is called Living Planet Report 2012 – biodiversity, biocapacity and better choices.

[via cleantechnica/wwf]

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