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WXshift Weather Website Predicts Your Local Climate Change


Screenshot 2015-09-16 13.05.35WXshift is the latest weather website, which not only gives you the weekly forecast, but it also tells you how climate change will affect your neighborhood.

Everyone has their favorite weather forecast websites, which they check, if not religiously every morning (like I do), then at least when they get to travel to places. I guess, picking your favorite is a matter of preference, most website use the same satellite data to make the predictions, and then they give you the same information with reasonable accuracy- hourly, weekly, monthly etc..

But, just when we thought that nothing innovative will emerge, a new weather website, called WXshift,  is coming to steal the thunder of all its ancestors. Launched only yesterday by Climate Central, a nonprofit research organization, WXshift gives you the usual prediction and a little extra- it shows you how much exactly climate change affects the US, at local and national scale.

The website is really worth a visit.  First, it allows you to explore historical temperature changes of individual states and cities, by only entering a zip code. It makes predictions for the coming years that are based on trends since the 1970s. But that is not all. The site allows you to explore changes and trends of various climate indicators including the Arctic sea ice, El Nino, ocean acidification, atmospheric carbon concentrations, forest fires, sea level rise and more.

Unfortunately (for me), the website works only with US Zip codes, so I could not take full advantage of its services, but I hope it gets to grow in the coming years. I guess the feasibility of my request might be a bit doubtful since the amount of data that has to be handled in order to make the predictions is huge. But, I am hopeful that Europe will be covered soon, just like I am hopeful that Google’s Sunroof Project will come to my home too.

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