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Yamaha Motoroid: AI-Controlled Electric Motorcycle


The company has announced its plans to create an all-electric, 2-wheeled ecosystem a few years ago, and it has made efforts in order to make them a reality.

Yamaha already released the PES 1 electric motorcycle and has recently announced the next step in its plan to develop a new kind of products: the Motoroid artificial intelligence bike.

Through the Motoroid concept bike, the company wanted to develop a vehicle that would enable the rider to connect with the vehicle. While the design of the motorcycle is unique, what it hides under the hood is much more interesting. Yamaha used a Bimota Tesi type suspension, and a type of artificial intelligence meant to enable the motorcycle to recognize its owner and to interact with him the same a living creature would.

The vehicle was developed as a result of the company’s desire to acquire technologies that will enable them to create new value for their customers. It is not clear exactly what kind of technologies Yamaha is looking to explore and exploit, however, it does look that the company intends to develop artificial intelligence in order to integrate it into their motorcycles.

The Tokyo Motor Show on the 27th of October is expected to bring further news regarding the manufacturer’s plans.

The Motoroid may pave the way for a new type of vehicles and may lead to a deep change in the way in which we perceive the technology that we use on a daily basis.

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